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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  February 16, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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workers in russia are working to row place -- replace windows shattered by a shockwave from an exploding meteor. that unusual event happened yesterday over the city of sha -- >> you're doing better than i did. >> can you help me out with this? thank you. windows were blown out there in more than 4,000 buildings total and at least 1200 people were hurt. most of those injuries came from flying glass. check out this dashboard video camera capturing that meteor as it soared at an estimated 33,000 miles an hour with the force of 20 wild war two atomic bombs. a sonic boom was felt in homes, businesses and classrooms. astronomers say while larger objects can be detected in advance, this particular meteor was too small to be detected by ground telescopes and radar. >> it just snuck up on us and that's not unusual for those small ones. >> the meteor in russia smashed into an icy lake about 70 miles outside of town.
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none of the injuries are considered life threatening. scientists are going to study the space rocks to gain insight into the origins of our solar system. and we've posted more video of that meteor online, and that meteor hit russia with the force of 20 hiroshima bombs, but it was only 1/3 as big as the asteroid that then hurled by earth a little bit later. that asteroid came within 17,000 miles of the earth which is closer than it sounds. satellites are in a higher orbit than that, but unlike the russian meteor, nasa did see this space rock coming. >> nasa's currently studying about 9,000 of these near-earth asteroids. about 1,800 of them are fairly large and those are of very particular interest to us. >> now, overnight a bright flash was spotted streaking above the bay area sky. you might have seen it. and as the sky lit up, so did the phones in our newsroom. e-mails and tweets came pouring
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into kpix5. check that out. people concerned about a streak of light in the sky, and this youtube user posted this video of what may be a bright blue flash over the peninsula. we haven't been able to confirm the accuracy of that video, but, again, it was posted on youtube overnight from santa clarita to fairfield, facebook and twitter users reported seeing some type of flash just before 8:00 p.m. and nasa tells us there's no connection between the three of them, it was simply a cosmic coincidence. now, brian, you study these sorts of things. what's going on? it was kind of weird in 24 hours we saw all this. >> i don't know whether to be more stunned that we got three meteors in 24 hours or the fact that everybody is photographing everything at every moment. >> that's 2013 for you. >> yeah, but i have to tell ya, what's amazing about this, really, is the coincidence because, first, you think about where the meteor in russia hit, only 3,000 miles west of where the biggest known in historic times meteor/asteroid hit back
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if 1908 in siberian. the one that hit yesterday also in siberian. you talk about a cosmic gulf shot, that is like sinking a putt from 1,000 miles away to be in the same neighborhood. and the fact is that we're standing by waiting for this flyby of the asteroid 2012da-14 which we had expected and out of the blue you got a meteor that falls in russia. it is not connected because the meteor that came in over russia was moving from north to south. the fly-by asteroid was moving from south to north. they were not related, and the one that came in over the bay area is not related. but the odds against all of that happening in 24 hours, suffice it to say, as introduce no, ma'amically low. >> very weird. so a lot of people are turning chicken little right now, is the sky falling, is there something we should be concerned about? >> the answer is yes. >> then the second question, is there something we should be concerned about? >> there's no connection. we should be concerned, ask a dinosaur you happen to see. meteors and that sort of thing are a big deal and they can be
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if you get a big enough one. it's interesting to me that we saw 2012da-14 coming a year ago we spotted that. and the one that fell in russia was only 1/3 the size. now you would think that if they spot something three times bigger, they would have been able to pick up the one that actually did hit. but they didn't. it came from out of the bhu and it's a bit of a wakeup call. we do have that program that james green was talking about to look at these things well in advance and give us some warning because if we do get a sizeable one coming, we're going to need a warning. >> a little creepy. thanks, brian. we'll check in with you for the weather in a few minutes. but, first, the search for explosives at a home in santa clarita is expected to finally wrap up today. the man who investigators say turned himself into a bomb- making factory went before a judge. kpix 5's kit goh showed us what bombs experts found in his home. >>reporter: neighbors call him weird, a wannabe and a poser. we got our first look at
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yeefort basham, he corrected the judge on the pronunciation of his name and was about to say something before his attorney told him to keep quiet. >> [ indiscernable ]. >>reporter: he's a man who dprs say stockpiled weapons and bombed and lived like a hoarder. >> i can tell you first of all the most important thing is that nobody was hurt. >>reporter: bomb technicians have spent the past four days in basham's home wading through clutter that is chest deep. they found jugs and containers of explosive chemicals, a spleelt assembled bomb ready to -- a completely assembled bomb ready to explode and a high- powered rifle like the one pictured here. basham was allegedly upset over state senator leland yee's gun control bills and e-mailed a death threat detailing how, when and where the assassination would take place. the 45-year-old apparently bragged about his extensive sniper training. if convicted on all counts, his maximum time is about 12 years, eight months. >>reporter: basham's parents live nearby but declined an on- camera interview and then shut off the porch light. people have been saying a lot
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of things about your son. basham has been described as a brilliant engineer, albeit one that walked around in military fatigues and put a security camera on his roof. after an intense week of combing for bombs, chp says they found everything. >> i got to take a deep breath, okay, we were able to fill our obligation and i'm excited to tell the neighbors everything is good. >>reporter: in santa clarita, kit goh, kpix5. >> authorities have a few more items of evidence to process before finally heading out of that neighborhood today. basham is expected to enter a plea by thursday. new this morning, three teenagers have major injuries after their suv rolled over in east san jose. that happened at about 10:00 last night on martin avenue near mount kenya drive. a fire captain says all seven of the teens who were inside of that suv are now in the hospital. three of them have injuries that are called significant. it's believed the car was speeding, but they say there was no sign of alcohol involved. san francisco police are looking for a man suspected of
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attacking women, victims from two separate incidents described this hooded suspect. the assaults happened in the heart of the mission district. the first attack happened last month near bartlett and 22nd street. the suspect approached a woman and punched her several times before getting away. the second incident happened earlier this month in the area of 23rd and church. a woman was also beaten, but the suspect ran after the victim cried for help. some women in the mission district are fot taking any chances. >> i feel like when there's not a lot of people around, like, people will search for people who are just walking alone. so i think people can be a target when it's late at night. >> i try not to, like, leave places late, i call for a lift or i walk out in the middle of the street instead of walking next to shadows and bushes or i'll walk with a friend. you know, i have my, you know, arsenal of tactics, i guess you could say. >> the victims in both of those cases are said to be okay.
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today afghan president hamid karzai says he will ban afghan security forces from asking for airstrikes by international troops. this follows a joint afghan nato operation this week that reportedly killed 10 civilians. karzai says he has learned that afghan forces requested that airstrike and he plans to issue a decree aimed at preventing that from happening again. we are likely to hear rising warnings in the next two weeks about government services going away. so far president obama and congressional republicans have not made any progress on heading off $85 billion in budget cuts. they would take effect automatically on march 1st. the administration says without a deal, we could see less secure u.s. embassies and furloughed air traffic controllers. the national transportation safety board along with the coast guard and the bahamas maritime authority are all investigating the cause of that fire on that cruise ship, the carnival triumph. the fire in the engine room
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last sunday left the ship powerless. 4,000 people were subjected to five awful days of spoiled food and raw sewage. sewage, flooding cabins. the ship finally docked in alabama late thursday night and the first lawsuit has already been filed. the challenges of adjusting to college life for first-year students. the myth and reality of the freshman 15 coming up next. and why northern california's latest tree sitter is perching herself 50 feet above ground and refusing to come down. these temperatures are cooperating and coming down a little bit over the bay area the next couple of days. we'll see a few degrees a day, that's all we ask. we asked for a little bit of rain, we're going to get it. we'll have the details in a minute.
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standard was set b tree sitting, it's a bit of a tradition here in northern california. the standard was set back in the late '90s by julia butterfly hill. she spent two years in a humboldt county redwood tree which is still there. more recently there was the years-long oak grove protest by cal stadium and who could forget dumpster muffin, that's what she called herself,
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thrashing about in that bucket atop the bare tree. now another tree sit is under way. that is happening outside the town of which will its in marin county. -- mendocino county. we explain why this protest may not reach the end of the month. >> on the rare occasion that it's quiet, this is just really beautiful, really gorgeous view. i can see a lot of the valley from here. the only difficulty, really, is the one right here, it's kind of relent -- the wind here is kind of relentless. >>reporter: about 50 feet off the ground, california's latest tree sit protest is nearing its third week. the debate over the which will its bypass has -- the willitz bypass has been going on a while. >> i guess it's been going on since the '60s or so. >> the version of the bypass has been protested for decades. >>reporter: if you ask caltrans, the time for debate is over. >> caltrans has been working on the bypass project since 1988. it's going to be constructing
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approximately six miles of new highway going to the east of the town of willitz. we have environmental documents, we've awarded a contract. we are ready to begin work. >>reporter: this is the work site. >> now this has really become this epicenter for the community. there's just been tons of people out here everyday. >>reporter: and like the evening jam session, the list of bypass concerns is long. >> it cuts right through our valley and our wetlands. it takes about 2000 acres of farmland out of production. >> first thing that comes to my mind is businesses like to be set up where there's traffic. >> mi gratory birds can't come through and nest. >> it's like putting a giant plug in the watershed. >> seems like a huge expense for taxpayers. >> we believe we have found all these impacts. it's our obligation to keep this project moving. we do not want this to cross the -- cost the taxpayers any more money. >>reporter: back at the cruz site. >> i could be up here for a
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long time and i could be up here as long as it's effective and, you know, i know no compromise. alan martin, kpix5. >> caltrans says law enforcement will be called when cruz begins and that should happen -- when cruz begins and that should start could happen in two weeks. it wouldn't be the first run-in with the law either, amanda centsman, her real name, was arrested when san francisco police clashed with an occupy encampment in 2011. it has been awfully warm around here and awfully nice. a warm night last night in san francisco, walking around the city. >> i hope that was a note of approval. it's too darned warm for february and it's going to be a nice warm day again today in the bay area with temperatures nudging 70 degrees in the south bay. having a look at the golden gate bridge, as we have some high clouds floating in overhead, masking a little bit of fog out there this morning. the numbers are mostly in the 40s and 50s. it's a little bit chillier inland than it is near the bay this morning. today we will have more high clouds than we had yesterday,
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so not quite as much sun and not quite as warm, but right now concord at 39, oakland's got 51, santa rosa is at 39, san jose has 45 degrees. high pressure is in full command of the pacific and will continue to stay there for the next couple of days before is begins to break down under the influence of a cold front on its way from the gulf of alaska. that will spread rain by tuesday. mostly sunny today, cooler tomorrow and then it'll get wet late on monday with rain spreading over most of the bay on tuesday. satellite and radar shows an anemic cold front up there and the high clouds we're getting are coming from southern california and moving north over the state at the moment. so you go outside right now and you'll see clouds 15,000 to 30,000 feet. high pressure is behind all of that. it's just that we don't have quite as warm numbers as we had yesterday. just fair and mild today. snow pack update, we're at 75% of normal snow pack. that's way down from where we are at the start of the year. and the pinpoint forecast, if you're heading out of the bay area, is calling for sunny skies in the central valley, a little bit of cloudiness at
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lake tahoe. heading out of the bay area, monday looks okay before that rain comes in, and then monday in los angeles is sunny, but you'll get some rain in chicago. overnight lows tonight, as you see them here, it's going to get chilly again, and it'll especially get cold overnight by tuesday and wednesday. we'll pinpoint it with numbers mostly in the upper 60s today, 63 in san francisco, 71, though, in san jose. presidents' day looks fair and cool. extended forecast, expect to get wet on tuesday, and then the latter half of the week turns cool and unsettled. for wednesday, thursday and friday, no rain in the forecast yet, but stay tuned on that. we'll have an update in the next half hour. first let's get back to ann. >> thank you, brian. well, the college days, do you remember those all-night study sessions and that all-you- can-eat buffet inside the dining hall. today we are looking at healthy patterns for first-year college students. we start with the so-called freshman 15. you've probably heard of it. jennifer lombardi with the disordering eating clinic joins us now. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me.
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>> the freshman 15 something everybody talks about before they go to college. what is this? you say it's a myth. >> it is. there was actually a significant study done in 2011 by ohio state university and what they found was they interviewed about 7,400 college- aged students, and instead of 15-pound weight gain, what they were really experiencing was anywhere between one to three pounds and the researchers basically at the end of the day saying this is normal weight gain because these are folks who are continuing to mature. their bodies are maturing into adulthood. it's really not off the mark to expect that. >> where do you think this comes from? people have been talking about that for decades, you know, you gain the 15 pounds and all of a sudden you're making the wrong choices and they're maybe note as what your parents were providing. >> i think it's part of our culture. i think we tend to put a lot of emphasis on weight and appearance and college is the time when, yeah, you have young adults who are going out and for the first time, as you said, making their own choices, and, really, i think it's just sort of one of those things that got started at some point
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and just seems to keep getting perpechuated unfortunately. >> so even if it's not true, it's a myth, the freshman 15, you say that can lead to eating disorders, the thought of it? >> absolutely. so you have sort of the recipe for disaster. you have people who are -- you know, it's a great time, it's wonderful, it's exciting, but at the same time very, very stressful. and whenever a person is put in a stressful situation, we know that that can certainly lead to sort of extreme behaviors to cope and dieting, unfortunately, tends to be one of them. >> not only dieting, students overexercising, we're seeing a trend in that. >> yeah. you know, it's interesting. i would say in the last five or six years i'm assessing more and more even middle school, high school and certainly college-aged students who are using exercise as a way to cope with stress. and in our culture, we tend to support that. we say it's a great thing to go to the gym every single day. >> certainly. it is stress relieving. and at what point does it become too much? >> i think any warning signs would be if you're exercising when you're injured, you're going to extreme lengths to
7:19 am
exercise when you're sick, you're sort of getting in a rigid pattern and there's no flexibility worked into your workout routine and certainly no variance, you know, jogging, lifting weights, doing yoga, going for walks or biking outside, there definitely needs to be some creativity and some flexibility in that. >> another trend we were talking about on college campuses,-a-rexia. what is that? >> often ptimes what you see in college is this the first time that young adults have to engage in drinking in some fashion. so, you know, of course there's a lot of fear of weight gain because alcohol tends to be higher in calories. so what we're seeing is this trend where you have college- aged students, according to a frazier university study, upwards of 40% of them who are restricting in essence all day to "save up" their calories for the alcohol consumption >> that can be a recipe for disaster too because you have nothing in your stomach. >> absolutely. very, very dangerous. >> jennifer lombardi, thanks for that. we'll have a link to jennifer's
7:20 am
website later on today with more warning signs for parents. thanks for being here this morning. we will be right back.
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tony tantillo gets a little nostalgic with this dish. here is a bright and healthy dish for a sunny day. fresh grocerier tony tantillo gets a little nostalgic with this dish. >> we're going to make dand lion greens today. i have to tell you a story about your grandfather, my dad. we were growing up, my father would drive through a field in san jose, california where we grew up, he would see a a field of dandylion greens, he would pull over, get out and cut the greens and put them in the car. i had friends with me saying is everything okay, why are you
7:23 am
guys eating weeds? let me tell you something, there is nothing better than dandilion greens and you created this wonderful recipe that you had at the grandparent's house. let's talk about it. >> these are a winter green which is great because they are amazing this time of year. so what we did is we branched -- blanched them in water, just the stems, not the leaves. you rip that off. then you put them in the cold bath. that's going to stop it from cooking before you sauti it. >> you need a lot of garlic in there to make it nice and flavorful. now we're going to finish this off and we're going to add -- >> tomatoes are nice, it makes them sweet because these are very bitter greens. >> just a little bit of pasta water for me. perfect. i'm going to add some pepper, some salt, we'll let this cook. can i plate this one? >> yeah. >> i'm going to plate this one. >> i'm a little messy. >> you know what? maybe you should have plated it. hold on a second. give me this. see? i said i wanted to plate it,
7:24 am
she's messy and i made a mistake plating it. so there you go, the dandilion greens. >> i would have done a better job than that. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> she would have. that's so good and so good for you. coi. they look innocent enough, but these bunnies are causing havoc at denver international airport. the bunnies are nesting under cars to stay warm and that's not all, while they're under there, they're also munching on wiring under the hood that then leaves a lot of cars unable to start. the airport is going to try new fencing and other natural methods to keep the hungry rabbits out of the parking lot. they sure are cute. the california academy of sciences is celebrating a big birthday. pierre, there he is, the african penguin is turning 30 years old today. he's the oldest penguin in the academy's colony. and pierre is very well known. he has a wet suit tailored especially for him. and he also has a line of
7:25 am
children's books. pierre's birthday celebration kicks off at 10:30 this morning at the academy of sciences in golden gate park. a fire rips through a treasure island apartment building and a 10-year-old girl has passed away. in our next half hour, we're going to give you the latest on that investigation. plus what may be the next big deal in fashion, thanks to a new apple gadget rumor. our c-net expert sounds off on wearable tech. we'll be right back.
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new details on the ex-cop wanted y shooting rampa new details on the ex-cop wanted in a deadly shooting rampage in southern california. what officers found outside the site of his last stand. and a south african sports icon charged in the shooting death of his girlfriend, new details on a reality tv show that features the model. it costs everybody a little over $23,000 to deport a single individual. >> so that's demonstrators 23,000 to deport me? >> he's a smart guy. in fact, he's the head of the kalamath club, but he's taking a calculated risk. now he's risking his own future with a very public proclamation. welcome back, it is 7:30 on the nose, february 16th. thanks for being here, i'm ann
7:29 am
macovich. >> we've got high clouds out there and temperatures this morning beginning in the 40s, but we'll recover to the low 60s today. not as warm today as it was yesterday. and a four-letter word in the forecast for the week ahead. i'll let you guess. if you can't, i'll let you know in a minute. right now let's get to ann. developing news on treasure island, a 10-year-old dead and two firefighters are hurt after an overnight fire at an apartment building. it happened in the 1200 block of mariner drive. the fire was first called into 911 at about 12:15. two firefighters were in a rescue mode when the floor collapsed on the second level right below their feet. an assistant fire chief tells us that one of those firefighters fell completely through that floor, another partially fell and the girl who was trapped was pronounced dead at that scene. we are now learning one of the injured firefighters is at san francisco general hospital, condition unknown. we'll keep you posted on that story throughout the day on next week the santa
7:30 am
clarita man accused of hoarding explosives and threatening a state senator is expected to enter a plea in court. everett basham was arraigned yesterday. bomb technicians have spent the past four days in his house. they found jugs and containers of explosive chemicals and a completely assembled bomb as well as three assault weapons. the chp is now confident that they found everything of note. >> it's a huge sigh of relief. i got to take a deep breath, okay, you know, we were able to fulfill our obligation and i'm excite today go tell the neighbors everything is good. >> what i can tell you, first of all, is the most important thing is that nobody was hurt. >> basham is accused of e- mailing a detailed death threat to state senator leland yee. authorities tell us they have a few more items of evidence to process before they head out of the neighborhood later today. the great american theme park is hiring this weekend for up to 500 jobs. open staff positions include medical technicians, ride operators and security guards. the park is also holding
7:31 am
performance auditions. people can apply on great america's website and then will be contacted for interviews on site. applicants for all positions must be at least 16 years old. oakland's chinatown will hold its 9th annual lunar new year festival today. the year of the snake will be celebrated with an arts and crafts expo, cultural performances and hands-on artist workshops. the festival will be held at san francisco's asian cultural center on 9th street. that's going to start at 11:00 this morning. a star student at cal has had a secret for years and now the berkeley math genius is taking a very big risk. linda yee on his bold addition to the immigration debate. >> mathmatics apply statistics at uc berkry. >>reporter: uc berkeley student terrance park is doing the math. >> it costs the u.s. government a little over $23,000 to deport a single individual. >> so that's $23,000 to deport
7:32 am
me? >>reporter: park has taken a calculated risk, exposing himself as an undocumented immigrant subject to deportation. but he's doing it to campaign for the dream act, an immigration law congress is considering that will allow certain students like himself a path to citizenship. and it allows him to get financial aid to continue his studies at yale or brown universities. he already lost out on a research internship with a national security agency. >> i want to explore what they can offer me, but it's the fact that i can't even have that chance to explore. >>reporter: park's mother brought him here from south korea at age 10 on a tourist visa. she applied for naturalization papers 14 years ago. she's still waiting. >> she knows that there's risk, she always, you know, keeps low. that's why she's been telling me -- >>reporter: to stay under the radar? >> right. stay under the radar for the past eight years. >>reporter: park is currently protected under california's law that allows immigrant
7:33 am
children who arrive to the u.s. under age 16 to stay as long as he's in school. that doesn't apply nationwide, and an estimated 2.1 million students are in the same predicament. like his friend, ju hong who just graduated berkeley with a degree in political science. hong's status prevents him from getting a job. >> we know we can contribute back to sour society and we will pay -- back to our society and we will pay taxes and make a difference in the lives of others. >>reporter: the youtube video was produced by a. park says his face shows the human side of the immigration reform debate. >> we take a chance for our education. >>reporter: is it worth it? >> it's definitely worth it. >>reporter: supporters say the dream act encourages social and economic benefits, but critics argue it only encourages and possibly invites illegal immigration. congress is set to debate this once again. at uc berkeley, linda yee, kpix 5. new details from the final
7:34 am
hours of the manhunt for that ex-cop wanted in a series of vengeance killings. the san bernardino county sheriff's office said christopher dorner had been hiding out in a condo right across the street from a police command center. and as for how dorner died, investigators do not believe he was killed in a massive fire fight or the fire. >> the information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took christopher dorner's life was self-inflicted. >> and yesterday a weapon believed to be used by dorner was found outside of the cabin in the snow. four people were killed during the 10-day manhunt, including a police officer and sheriff's deputies. internationally-acclaimed double amputee sprinter south africa's oscar pistorius has been officially charged with murdering his girlfriend. meanwhile, a reality tv show starring the late reeva steenkamp is set to hit the airwaves. prosecutors say pistorius shot his girlfriend on valentine's day in a possible domestic
7:35 am
dispute. family members of the world- famous sprinter says if he insists -- they insist he's not guilty. the conclave to elect a new pope may start sooner than the rules normally allow. a vatican spokesperson says the idea of moving up the selection process to early march is now being discussed. the rules call for a delay of 15 to 20 days after a papel vacancy, but that is intended for when a pope dies as opposed to this time when pope benedict has voluntarily stepped down, effective february 28th. you may have seen them around the bay area taking crowds by surprise. meet the man who teaches beginners to dance like pros. a fashion icon turning heads with her new accessory. who may be the new face of wearable tech. we're going to check in with our expert from next. what's that? when i take a picture
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people suddenly break into a you may be familiar with so-called flash mobs, large groups of people suddenly breaking into a synchronized dance on the street. chances are this week's jefferson award winner is at the head of the pack if you've seen one recently in the bay area. kpix5 reporter sharon chance went to the dance studio to meet him. >>reporter: it looks like practice for a music video, but the dancers aren't professionals. take david. >> you surprise yourself and
7:39 am
doing it in front of a crowd, i mean erks it's awesome. >>reporter: with julian reyes, their teacher and coreographer, students are learning a lady gaga routine. the group is the bay area flash mob. >>reporter: it's dance -- as dancers dazzle audiences in public plazas and step up for nonprofit fundraisers. >> you don't have to be a professional or great dancer to do it. you can just join and see what happens. >>reporter: for julian, this grew out of his love for his very first flash mob experience, a tribute to michael jackson. >>reporter: it was called "thrill the world," flash mobs around the globe performed the same routine simultaneously in 2009 to honor the late king of pop. julian had such a great time dancing he and four other participants cofounded the bay area flash mob that same year. >> we just want you to share that love to as many people as we can. so let's have a review.
7:40 am
>>reporter: every three months julian leads a new street performance. the group also donates its time dancing in fundraisers that benefit charities like bay area children's shelters, youth music programs and the american cancer society. >> the biggest reward is to see people smile during the class and during the actual flash mob. >>reporter: when julian is not working full time as a software engineer, he's usually leading two-hour flash mob classes twice a week for free at the levy studios in san francisco's southland market. >> one, two, three. >>reporter: in videos and in class, he breaks down the routine into manageable steps for some 1,500 flash mob members, many of them first- time dance students like rena. >> he's amazing. he puts a lot of his life into it and time. >>reporter: julian says he once had an overly critical teacher who crushed his spirit, so he tries to be a compassionate teacher. jennifer arbuckle says he definitely sets the tempo.
7:41 am
>> the enthusiasm and the injuring just makes everybody, you know, really happy. >>reporter: so for tirelessly sharing his passion for dancing, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to julian ray. sharon chin, kpix 5 >> that looks like a lot of fun. you can nominate your local heros for a jefferson award at our website. click the connect button at the top of the page and jefferson awards to find the e-mail nomination form. i gotta call out brian. you were showing off some moves while that story was playing. >> i looked like a helicopter trying to land. >> kind of. they weren't actually good moves, i'll be honest. >> i know. break it to me gently. we've got a nice start for a saturday. we've got a beautiful weekend on tap for the bay area, and then we've got a few rain drops coming into the bay area, but that is later in the week. we'll get the timing down on that as we look out there toward the rising sun, beautiful sight. you know, momentarily that meteor that was in russia was brighter than the sun when it
7:42 am
moved in over the western siberian area of russia. and we're going to get at least a hint of what that might have been like just by the beautiful sunrise this morning. temperatures 39 degrees in concord, oakland 51, livermore has 39, at sfo it's 50 degrees. going to be a gorgeous day today, temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. but, still, mostly sunny skies behind the veil of a few high clouds. it'll be cooler tomorrow and then it looks like it's going to get wet on tuesday, late monday for the north bay. what to expect? well, you can kiss the 70s good- bye except in the south bay today. it'll cool down for everybody tomorrow. low pressure up there in the gulf of alaska is going to begin to sink south. as it does, it'll kick out the high pressure that has given us this unusually warm weather and things begin to cool down with much needed rain coming in. not a lot. right now it looks like we'll get maybe a half an inch of rain on tuesday, it'll be windy, it'll be cold. we'll be back to that cold weather regime by the latter half of next week. but in the meantime we get sunshine and forecast highs of 68 in santa rosa, 66 for san
7:43 am
rafiel, and 71 degrees in san jose today. out at livermore 69. along the shoreline, not bad, 62 for pacifica. if you have the day off on monday, it's going to be nice, fair, on the cool side, temperatures will be up in the upper 50s for the bay area. extended forecast increases the clouds by monday. by monday night we're going to be looking for a chance of rain in the north bay. tuesday everybody gets wet. then for the latter half of the week we'll did to partly cloudy skies. for wednesday, thursday and friday. so a cooldown in store for the bay area. excuse me, i'm getting a bump in my ear. oh, it's been a while since apple got some free publicity, so let's get right on that. ann. >> i'm not actually passing judgment on it, but we'll see what you think because the tech world is buzzing over apple again this week. the new badge et that may be on deck is an apple watch. this is cnet's example of what that might look like. the goal is to go beyond the clunky gadgets in sci-fi. the design expected to be
7:44 am
sleek, functional and maybe even fashionable. we're taking a closer look at the world of wearable tack with sharon jackman from thanks for being here this morning. what do you make of this apple watch, when are we going to see this thing? >> i'm not shocked that apple could be working on an i-watch because we haven't seen something really exciting from apple in a long time. we saw the ipad mini. of course that was a product that apple released as part of a category that was already very healthy. so right now apple needs to do something really exciting and that could be an i-watch. >> what could we expect to see from this watch? would this also be a phone or what would this thing do? >> it would likely be an extension of your iphone, it would work with the android phone. so instead of pulling out your phone at dinner to see who called, you would see all that at a glance information on your watch. >> i see a problem here when you're dining with people and they're just looking at their watch because it's so rude to pick up your phone and look at it. now they can do it a lot more
7:45 am
discretely. >> oh, absolutely. i would love that myself. >> you can see a text and whatnot. so it is an extension of your phone. does it also carry other things, your music? >> it could carry your music. you might be plugged in by headphones and skip to the next song on your i-watch, check your text messages. maybe you're running and an app has been created to show you how fast you're running on that i-watch. so it offers a world of possibilities, but, of course, all we know about it right now is that possibly 100 people from apple are already working on it and that's according to some sources from bloomberg, and that is past the experimental phase and they might already have prototypes floating around. >> i'm sure they are coming up with whatever brouhaha they're going to do to unveil it. >> always. >> we see a big show from that. there are a lot of products already on the market, a lot of them aimed toward fitness in the wearable tech field. >> yeah. so we've seen this category really expand over the last few years through gadgets like the
7:46 am
fit bit, the nike fuel, the jawbone up. these are all fitness gadgets but are sort of like super pedometers. they do things like track your calories, your exercise output and offer you different goal- setting options as well. but that is actually a very -- it's not quite as advanced as where wearable tech is going, right? so the apple i-watch could present a revolution in wearable tech, but we've also seen google into this field too. >> right. the google glasses. still seems very weird to me, but people are actually wearing these things? >> possibly. well, actually, they are. so diane vaughn thirstenberg for her show in new york fashion week this year created a film of about four minutes shot entirely with google glasses. so here you see her in the film that is entirely from her
7:47 am
perspective, and what the google glasses are, it's is not just an extension of your phone, it's an extension of yourself. so they've got a camera built in. there's actually -- when you wear the glasses, you see images and video overlaid into what's in front of you. >> what a weird perspective of the world. it almost seems creepy. >> it's creepy, it's extremely advanced and futuristic, and the biggest question about many of google's products is the world ready for a device like this? or do we need to go you know, tip toe into the category with something like an apple i- watch? >> i don't think i want to go into that category. but we'll see and i know you'll continue to follow these things for us. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it from and coming up next hockey players mixing it up in chicago. that's where the sharks and the black hawks dropped the gloves on the ice. how san jose tries to snap their losing streak coming up next in sports.
7:48 am
7:49 am
the chicago blackhawks. and the cal baseball team opens its season on a winning in sports, the shark's struggles on the ice, this time against the blackhawks. here's vern glenn along with a surprise visitor. >> gorgeous, everybody. you just saw ken basstita walk on by as we continue with the morning sports. i love that. i love the spontaneityity. as we roll along, cal won the
7:50 am
opener in baseball. joe thornthon, jonathan page, the two captains mixed it up, we're in chicago where the black hawks are so bad. take it right after the rebound and shot, marcus krueger puts it behind 2-0. sharks 2-1, but patrick sharp of the blackhawks punched back. no breaks last night. a power play and andrew sharp bats it out of mid air. the blackhawks win this one 4- 1. sharks seven straight games without a win. women's hoops, stanford at usc last night. a little high. boy, that gets you inside and outside, don't they? 77-55 the final. in the meantime cal over at ucla, all bears last night. collarren don, nice, 79-59 the final. cal now 12-1 in the pac-12 and look at the little ball handling, the crossover for irving last night.
7:51 am
yeah. this is the nba youngssters challenge game. here it is again. just like i used to do in my early youth growing up in richmond, virginia. oh! what a ball handler i was. anyway, back to reality, back to you. have a good day, everybody. we'll see you later on. they are welcoming one big bundle of joy to the sea world family down in san diego, the birth of a baby killer whale was caught on video and both mom and baby appear to be healthy. there it is. the calf weighs in at about 300 pounds. wow! [ cheers ] >> nearly seven feet long as well. and there she goes. i say she, but we don't know, actually, if it's a boy or a girl. no word yet on the sex. it'll take a while to determine that, but everybody appears to be doing well. coming up one more look at today's stop stories that -- top stories that includes a fatal fire on treasure island. the victim is a 10-year-old girl. two firefighters were also
7:52 am
injured. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
girl died and two firefighters were hurt in an apartment fire e island. the here's a look at this morning's top stories. a 10-year-old girl died and two firefighters were hurt in an apartment fire on treasure island. the girl was trapped on the second floor and as two firefighters tried to reach her, the floor collapsed beneath their feet. the two-alarm fire was first reported at 12:15 a.m. and it was under control at about 2:30. today authorities expect to wrap up their work at a house in santa clarita where they found a lot of explosive materials. the owner was arraigned in court yesterday. in addition to explosives and weapons charges, he is accused of threatening the life of state senator leland yee. investigators now trying to figure out the cause of a fire that left the carnival triumph power rest at sea. 4,000 people were subjected to five days of spoiled food and raw sewage flooding cabins. that ship finally docked in alabama late thursday night. and the first lawsuit was filed
7:54 am
within hours. tomorrow on kpix5, the state of the union and that water swig that went viral during the republican response. >> oh, my gosh, yes. this is an example of how social media is just driving the whole message in politics. he had such a problem and he's going to continue to. that speech is a disaster for any republican. >> i have to weigh in on that tomorrow too. but looking at what is next for the catholic church after the pope steps down. that is on kpix this morning, tomorrow morning starting at 7:30, phil mateere should be here and one more nice day? >> so far so good. things will be nice today. so if you want to enjoy an unusually warm day today, today is your day because it's going to begin to cool off. temperatures in the bay area under a shield of high clouds in the early going, 63 in the city, 69 at concord up to 71 in san jose. in the extended forecast, though, we'll increase clouds on monday night.
7:55 am
that will lead to wet everywhere on tuesday. and then wednesday, thursday, friday it'll be unsettled. we're not ruling out rain. we're not putting it in yet, but the latter half of the week will be distinctly cool. >> no commitments from the sky. >> absolutely not. a warning to all uc berkeley parents, the harlem shake has invaded the campus. >> yeah. it's nothing to be scared about, though, just a harmless internet dancing craze that took over part of the dome memorial library yesterday. [ noise ] >> move over gangnam style. the harlem shake is the thing to do, they say, in 2013 for all the kids. yeah. it started with one student shaking and then more than 300 more showed up and just started shaking, kind of flash mob style and that's really all there is to it. you just shake it out apparently with this dance. there's no real difficult coreography. three, two, one.
7:56 am
>> and from the harlem shake to a whole lot of shaking, hundreds of students at penn state kicked off their annual dance marathon yesterday. 46 hours of nonstop movin' and groovin'. the event is to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. over the past 41 years, the dance-a-thon has raised more than $89 million. and finally, california's academy of sciences is celebrating a big birthday today. here's the birthday boy, pierre, the african penguin, he is turning 30. dirty 30, pierre. he's the oldest penguin in the academy's colony. pierre is very well known. he has a wet suit tailored especially for him and he also has a line of children's books. so happy birthday. have a great saturday, everyone. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back here tomorrow morning with phil at 7:30 a.m.
7:57 am
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